Conservative Party USA Endorses Rick Santorum

Based on extensive review and comprehensive examination of the issues and candidates, the Conservative Party USA endorses Rick Santorum to be the GOP nominee for President.

“While many of the current GOP candidates are solid contenders and worthy of consideration, CP-USA recognizes that Mr. Santorum best articulates the constitutional, economic and fiscal policies that America needs today.” explained H. M. Hervey, Chairman.  “Like CP-USA, Senator Santorum proudly affirms the concept of American Exceptionalism, supports traditional family values and understands that “Buy American” is the key to reviving the U.S. economy.” continued Mr. Hervey.

CP-USA understands that Mr. Santorum has an uphill struggle to cross the finish line ahead of Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. “Ms. Bachmann is a solid, proven conservative who is running a stalwart campaign.  She performed well in the debates and stood toe-to-toe with the big boys.  No fear, no excuses.” said Lisa Michaels, Chairman, CP-Oregon. “Bachmann would be CP-USA’s first choice where it not for Santorum’s close alignment with our Platform.” Lisa added.

CP-USA also believes Bachmann would also be a splendid addition to the next Administration as Secretary of Health and Human Services where she could use her considerable skills and experience to help dismantle ObamaCare.

Governor Romney appears to have the clearest path to the GOP nomination at this stage because his solid business experience will play well in the general election. But Seth Riggio, CP-USA’s Director of Youth Outreach, explains that “While most of the GOP establishment deems Romney as more electable, Romney’s brand of conservatism is a bit more ‘ambiguous’ than other candidates like Santorum and Bachmann.  That precludes him from capturing CP-USA’s nod at this time.”

Richard Rutledge, Chairman, CP Alabama, points out that “Santorum and Bachmann have the right values, temperament and skills needed to defeat Obama and be a good President.  And removing Obama is Job #1 for conservatives in 2012.  The debates also prove that Santorum can hold his own on any stage with Obama. ”

Ron Paul is running strong as he does traditionally at this stage of the race; it’s his third and final try. While his national support is a mile wide, it’s only a yard deep. That renders his long-term staying power questionable at best.  CP-USA supports some of Paul’s domestic monetary/fiscal policies (e. g., auditing the Federal Reserve; serious budget cuts) but rejects his libertarian drug policy as unrealistic and his foreign policy on Iran as dangerous.

Rick Perry flew out of the gate hot as a six-shooter with unbounded fanfare, handsome with lots of promise and good hair.  But then he started talking.  Yikes.  Conservatives need someone who can walk, chew gum, talk and shoot chorus.  Jon Huntsman is a competent and accomplished diplomat but has never caught the imagination of most conservatives or Republicans primary voters.

Of course that leaves Newt Gingrich.  The imperious Mr. Gingrich is certainly a strong, articulate and well-informed candidate.  However, his considerably flawed personal and political history would make HIM the focus in the general election rather than Obama’s economic failures and global anti-American apology tours.  Newt’s desire to explore for precious metals on the moon may be a vain attempt at making all his political baggage weightless.

In addition, CP-USA believes it takes more to win the general election than out-snarling Obama in debates.

H. Michael Hervey
Chairman, CP-USA

Conservative Party USA Opposes SB 1867 (The Defense Authorization Bill)

The Conservative Party USA vigorously opposes the enactment of Senate Bill 1867.  It’s an egregious and obvious violation of the civil rights and protections afforded American citizens in the Bill of Rights.

Sections 1031 and 1032 of the Defense Authorization Bill create a state of martial law, give the government the right to conduct unlimited searches and violate the principle of Habeas Corpus. They also give the U.S. Military the right to indefinitely detain any American worldwide without access to legal counsel if they are simply “deemed” to be potential threats by the President.

Those are clear and unambiguous violations of the Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments of the Constitution.  The general purpose of the Constitution is to LIMIT the power of government. The trajectory of SB 1867, however, points to a grand power grab by the Federal government and the abject loss of civil liberties for American citizens.

The U.S. Military does not need nor does it want to employ such sweeping powers.  The President can deploy a broad range of current laws and established federal agencies against suspected terrorists without asking the Marines to violate their sworn oaths.  America should not use machine guns to kill flies.

The FBI, ICE and the Department of Homeland Security supplemented by local and state police are the proper tools to use against domestic threats.  While not perfect, The Patriot Act is a powerful tool that has served America well considering the circumstances under which it was enacted.

The CIA, DIA, FBI and security forces of our allies can certainly manage to find, capture/kill and process suspected terrorists abroad. That’s what they’ve been doing with some success for the past 10 years. While U.S. Military assets (planes, drones, satellites, Seal Teams, etc.) can be used to support combat operations against terrorists – outside our borders – the military must not be used to detain terrorists indefinitely, especially suspects who are American citizens.

SB 1867 must be recast and stripped of the unconstitutional language outlined in Sections 1031 and 1032. Congress should just stick to its knitting and fund military operations. Period.

Perhaps Congress can play its patriot games AFTER it learns to balance the budget and reduce the national debt.

H. Michael Hervey
Chairman, CP-USA

Conservative Party will NOT Play “Race Card” on Cain

“If Conservatives rightly criticize liberals for always playing the “Race Card”, then we must not use it either.  It’s a weak, vapid and totally ineffective contrivance anyway.  People who play it are just admitting they’ve lost the debate.” 

                                                                                                                                                               – H. Michael Hervey

The recent dust-up involving the alleged sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain provided a golden opportunity for Conservatives to show Americans why our message and temperament are superior to that of Republicans, Democrats and liberals.

Dropping that old, hackneyed, knee jerk “Race Card” on the body politic is what all those limp-wristed liberals do when they can’t develop a reasoned, rational point.

It’s not what Conservatives should do.  It’s not what Cain should be doing either.

The media didn’t expose Newt Gingrich’s $250K Tiffany’s credit line because they think he’s a Georgia redneck.  They did it because he’s a Conservative.  The Washington Post didn’t run that silly hit piece about Marco Rubio’s parents because he’s Cuban.  They did it because he’s a Conservative.  The media didn’t vilify Sarah Palin because she’s a woman.  They did it because she’s an attractive, articulate Conservative.  The media didn’t highlight that offensive rock at Rick Perry’s hunting lodge because they think he’s a racist.  They did it because he’s a Conservative.

And Politico isn’t running the Herman Cain story because he’s Black.  They’re doing it because he’s a Conservative.  End of story.

We conservatives must remain on sound intellectual footing if our legitimate criticisms of Obama and the liberal agenda are to be taken seriously.  Liberals play the “Race Card” every time someone takes legitimate issue with Obama’s left-of-center policies.  They play it – EVERY TIME – because they have no logical or substantive responses to those challenges.

If Conservatives now succumb to that same simple-minded temptation, we lose the moral and intellectual high ground by swimming that liberal swamp.

If Conservatives rightly criticize liberals for always playing the “Race Card”, then we must not use it either.  It’s a weak, vapid and totally ineffective contrivance anyway.  People who play it are just admitting they’ve lost the debate.


H. Michael Hervey
Chairman, CP-USA

“Occupy Wall Street” Nothing like the Tea Party or Conservative Party

“Even a clock that’s stopped is exactly right twice a day.”  The Flea Party is exactly right when they properly blame certain rogue elements of Wall Street for the collapse of the Housing market.  The residual effects of those irresponsible actions are the root cause of our economic troubles today. 

                                                                                                   – H. M. Hervey, Chairman, CP-USA

The Conservative Party totally rejects the notion that the band of rabble rousers occupying Wall Street represents anything but a loose conglomeration of anti- Capitalist and anti-American trouble makers. They have no coherent message and want nothing better than to provoke police.

No one in the Tea Party or the Conservative Party was ever arrested at any rally.  No one in the Tea Party or the Conservative Party ever confronted police.  Or violated any laws.  Or defecated on police cars.  Or urinated in parks.  Or smoked pot.  Or had sex in public places.  No matter what the panting media try to tell you, these people more closely resemble a FLEA Party than the TEA Party.   You’ll be able to smell them long before you can see them.

See Full Video: Flea Party is Right on One Thing

That same liberal media has been yearning…begging… and pleading …for an alternative to the Tea Party.  The media are very envious about how effective the Tea Party has been in shaping the political discourse in America.  The Tea Party has been successful precisely because they are the exact opposite to the Flea Party: The TP is PRO-American and PRO-capitalism. They have a CLEAR message to cut government spending and reduce our national debt and deficits.

Contrast that with the FLEA Party’s message or… better yet… LACK of message.  The media has been so supportive of the Flea Party that liberal reporters and TV commentators were actually sending the Flea Party emails to help them develop a message and explain how to get more airtime.

That doesn’t sound like anything the media did for the Tea Party.

The Flea Party demands the destruction of corporations, banks, rich people, white people, Jews, the police and the military.  They also want to erase all student and home loans; give everyone free tuition and free health care; free food and subsidized housing.  Of course they never explain who will pay for all these “free” things.

The Flea Party OPENLY supports violence against the government and corporations and says it would readily participate in civil disobedience if needed to press its agenda. In addition, segments of the Flea Party are actively supported by Communists, Marxists, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Iranian Ayatollahs.

But the Flea Party never seems to blame the world’s current troubles on Obama or the corrupt Republi-Dem Congress. That’s right, your heard it from me first: Republi-Dem Congress.  And that’s where the real problem lies.  While a recent Gallop Poll shows that 78% of Americans blame Wall Street, more than 87% actually blame Washington DC.  Good for them.

But we must give credit where credit is due.  As the old saying goes, “Even a clock that’s stopped.. is exactly right twice a day.” So what does that mean in this context?  Simply put, the Flea Party is exactly right when they properly blame certain rogue elements of Wall Street for the collapse of the Housing market.  The residual effects of those irresponsible actions are the root cause of our economic troubles today.

The “Banksters” at Goldman-Sachs, Deutche Bank, AIG, Bank of America and Lehman Brothers…to name just a few… actively solicited sub-prime mortgages they knew were going to fail and re-packaged those loans to hide that fact from credit rating agencies like Standard & Poors and Moodys.  Those agencies then gave those bad loans AAA credit ratings which allowed those banksters to create a string of exotic financial instruments like “Credit Default Swaps” and “Synthetic Credit Default Obligations”. Those tools allowed the banksters to hide the toxic nature of the loans from investors.  Of course we all know what happened next.

Bottom Line: The Wall Street banksters blew a $16 Trillion hole in the world economy; got bailed out with US taxpayer money; kept their jobs while the rest of America lost theirs; kept their bloated salaries and ill-gotten multi-million dollar bonuses while the rest of us can barely make ends meet; AND – to this day – none of those banksters have been indicted or jailed or fined or forced to return those bonuses.  Not one.  And both major parties—that Republi-Dem Party – is to blame for this national disgrace.

While the Conservative Party has VERY LITTLE in common with the Flea Party, we do support the idea of the DOJ filing indictments against current and past management of those financial institutions.  We are confident that true conservatives, Tea Party members and most of America would support such action.


H. M. Hervey
Chairman, CP-USA

The Conservative Party USA initiates “Made in America” Campaign

The Conservative Party USA urges all Americans to help revive and sustain the America economy by purchasing products made in the United States whenever possible.

No other political party has officially adopted a common sense policy that encourages Americans to understand the high cost of cheap imports and the long-term value of buying American.  No single shift in economic behavior will have a greater, faster and positive impact on the U.S. economy than buying products made in America.

Buying American products doesn’t require an Act of Congress.  It needs no special tax legislation or international trade pacts.  It has no downside.  But it will help slash  It will also increase revenues, reduce annual budget deficits and help melt our growing national debt glacier without government intervention or tax increases.

CP-USA firmly believes that legitimate profit motive is compatible with Economic Patriotism which:  Reduces regulatory and tax burdens on small business; Provides tax incentives to U.S. corporations to hire Americans to work in America; and encourages corporate Boards and shareholders to recognize the value and profitability of creating and keeping jobs in America.  It’s the only way America can survive in a global economy in which foreign countries are dedicated to eclipsing the Unites States.  As the world’s sole beacon of true Democracy, human rights, free market capitalism and mutually beneficial fair trade, Americans must not allow that to happen.

We Americans racked up a staggering $498B trade deficit in 2010. Imagine how much it would help revitalize our economy if we kept most of that money at home.  While we must certainly discourage U.S. companies from shipping jobs offshore, American consumers must do their parts by purchasing “Made in America” products and services when possible.

There are thousands of great American companies that manufacture quality products here at home.  The “Made in America” website lists a few of them according to state and product category.  California, for example, has 81 companies while Pennsylvania and Texas have 59 and 28 respectively.  FromAdding machines to Zoom lenses, there is VERY LITTLE that American consumers or companies need that can’t be supplied by U.S. based companies.  Learn more atHow To Buy American.  Purchase the book and help CP-USA at the same time.

CP-USA members should look for such products.  We should support companies that keep jobs in America.  We should demand that department stores and retailers stock such products.  And price must not be the sole factor when making purchasing decisions in this era of Economic Patriotism.   While it’s acknowledged that many Americans are forced to adopt a price-conscious approach because of the 9+% unemployment rate, at least 85% of Americans are still working and many of them can – and should – pay a bit more for U.S. made products.  Especially they realize it will help employ their neighbors or fellow citizens in another state.   The United States would add 100,000 NEW jobs if each American spent an extra $50/year on U.S. made products.  Remember, “That job you save may be your own”. ©


If foreign countries are allowed to have one-sided trade Agreements…
If foreign companies can compete against American companies without fair trade…
If American companies don’t care about the economic future of their own country…
If executives of U.S. companies don’t care about the well-being of taxpayers who rescued them..
If American consumers fail to understand the value of “Buying American”…
If the two major parties in Congress allow all this to continue unabated…
And if patriotic Americans do nothing to help rectify these problems…


….Then the United States is doomed.


The Conservative Party ( will rectify the consistent failures of the current two-party system. CP-USA is America’s True “Second Party” and represents the next step in the evolution of the Tea Party.

H. M. Hervey
Chairman, CP-USA


Anyone reading the mission statement of the Conservative Party USA will understand that our primary purpose is to restore the limits and boundaries of government as defined by our founding documents.  You may hear comments like our being willing to return to the days of slavery and other such nonsense.  Conservatives need to be clear that the desire to be as close as possible to the ideals of self-government and Federalism as expressed in our founding documents, no way suggests that we would be willing tolerate the horrendous abuses of our shared history.  It is the size and scope of the modern Federal government that I question and believe that a restoration of the founding first principles of Federalism would be beneficial to our whole society.

Our founding documents established for the first time in history, a form of government where individuals had control of their own efforts and property.  We know the unalienable rights that fueled the passions of our Nation’s founders were based on Natural Law and biblical teaching.  To provide for yourself, and to take responsibility for yourself and your family is occasionally difficult.  Personal responsibility for your own actions requires honest and virtuous citizens in order to be a successful form of governance.  This was the focus for the founder’s support for publicly funded education. According to the histories I found, they believed that the aim of publicly funded education should be to create good citizenship and virtue.  I found no evidence suggesting they believed public monies should support any other aim.

We know that some of our neighbors will not conduct themselves in an honest and virtuous manner, making self-government somewhat insufficient at times. We need the local, State and Federal levels of government to support, defend and protect those unalienable rights we hope to enjoy.  We need local government, where the citizens of our neighborhoods and towns and cities band together to mutually provide the services that each community deems important.  The State, before the Federal government, should deal with the broader problems that cities and towns cannot adequately address by themselves.

The Constitution of the United States binds the States together under a Federal government for six very specific reasons: to form a more perfect Union (than that allowed under the Articles of Confederation), establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and then to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

A more perfect union beyond that allowed under the Articles of Confederation is established.  The Federal government then has legal authority under our Constitution for the five remaining defined purposes and those are the only considerations that the Federal government should address.

If we accept that establishing justice essentially means that our citizens have equal access to the law, then we can say that our Federal government has failed to ensure this basic function that it was created to provide.    Perhaps if our representatives spent as much time on considering the fairness of the legislation they adopt for all of our citizens as they do their own self-interests, there would be much less strife in our society.  This more than anything else would ensure fulfillment of the third legitimate function of the Federal government, to insure domestic tranquility.  Doesn’t it seem as though most of the recent political posturing, legislative actions and executive orders are designed specifically to insure domestic disharmony between the varied interests of our citizens?

Our Federal government cannot be said to be providing for the common defense of our people, just ask the people of our southern border States, or the families of those who perished on 9/11/2001.  For many years, we have been involved in the affairs of other nations under the guise of national interest.  One can make an argument that our involvements, or meddling, in the affairs of other nations have placed America’s people in danger.   What is our national interest in any nation outside our own?  It is clear from my studies that most of the founders, including our first and most celebrated President believed we should never become entangled in the affairs of foreign nations nor enter into permanent alliances with any other Nation.  Have we not over time, rejected this wise counsel?

A messy area of examination is the role of government in promoting the general welfare of our people.  All one really needs to do, is define the distinction between promoting and providing for the general welfare of our people.  If a function of government could be classified as providing for the general welfare, then I believe it is proper that the function be administered by each individual State, as it’s own people dictate.

Securing the blessings of liberty should be the ultimate role of our Federal government but instead, the actions of the various branches have ended making us slaves to foreign debt, and left us feeling we have no choice but to roll back and restrict our government to operate within the legal parameters of the Constitution.  I believe that enough circumstantial evidence exists to prove that the two major parties have no interest in doing what needs done.

The Conservative Party (NC) believes in the intelligence, resiliency and resourcefulness of the American people.  If you find yourself in agreement with these concepts, then engage with us to re-establish the defined limits and boundaries authorized.

Come home America!

David Schott, President
Conservative Party (North Carolina)
August 2011

Big Corporate America

If power corrupts through bigness, why cannot I pose the point that power corrupts Corporate America because of its size? And, I pose the additional point that Corporate America is as incestuous in its conduct as we blame Big Government. Big Government is bad; Big Corporate America is bad.

Wow, you may say. Sam, I thought you where for free enterprise. Sir/Madam, You would have difficulty finding another as strong as I am for free enterprise. My beef about Corporate America falls along the theoretical lines of enumerated powers discussed in government. It goes like this.

Microsoft was started in a garage, so the story goes, and look at its size. I have no problem there. Hewlett Packard, somewhat the same story. Now, these are broad-brush illustration, so let’s not counter with any small deviations within these two companies. My “stretch” here is that these two companies, although huge, operate within their enumerated “business” – computers. Until they show evidence of monopoly, another form of “power Corrupts,” I would leave them alone.

Just slightly beyond the turn of the 1900′s, General Electric hailed itself as the “Largest Electrical Manufacturing Company in the World.” But,what took them from the enumerated “electrical” and “manufacturing” nature of their company to buying Kidder, Peabody & Co., a securities house? What took them to ownership of a foreign Turkey-based bank? What took them to the amusement business in Orlando, Universal Productions? Answer is, corrupting power under the guise of investment.

Up until about 1969/70, banks were owned by “people.” Then, it passed that banks could be owned by a “one-Bank” parent corporation. That could make raising capital easier, they said. Then, if that worked, “Why couldn’t a bank’s parent buy a Travel Agency?” And they did, plus securities companies, life insurance companies, and on and on. The bank conglomerates got huge. Why? Corrupting power under the guise of investment.

I don’t know about now, but the S.E.C. accounting rule used to be that if you owned 25% or more of an entity, “you controlled it.” That still is a good rule. If GE bought Peabody Kidder & Company as an investment, would not, placing the corrupting power aside, the need to control, . . .would it not have helped all free markets if GE bought 24.9% of Kidder, and 24.9% of some other company, and 24.9% – you get it. They didn’t do it because of the need to control it all.

So, what is the answer? I don’t have it. However I do know that Big Corporate America is like a newly diagnosed pox. We now learn of it, but the vaccine to heal it isn’t here yet. I say this, CP-USA needs NOT to be on the side of Big Corporate America. What is so apparent today is how Big Corporate America is feeding Big Government and vice versus.

24.9% buys more jobs!

Sam Gallo

Conservative Party names Andrew Grant White as Vice President

Conservative Party USA is pleased to announce it has hired Andrew Grant White as Vice President of Business Development.  “I welcome Andrew to his new leadership role.” commented H. Michael Hervey, CP-USA’s Chairman.  “Andrew’s extensive political experience and financial background will be invaluable in our Party’s fund raising efforts and membership outreach.”

Now living back in his home town of Huntsville, AL (NASA’s home), Andrew says “I was a classical liberal in the South and a conservative in California. Difference was 5 days in a truck.” That was merely the beginning.  Andrew’s financial/networking ability rapidly expanded from San Francisco to London, England.  Rising through Citigroup to UBS amid asset turn-around, he also served as Vice Chairman of Republicans Abroad (UK).

Andrew returned in 2002 via a 30,000-mile trip to rediscover America. He settled in Connecticut and his family expanded: Olivia Rose and Sophie Grace. He became an entrepreneur, was named one of HFM Week’s Top Fund Managers of 2008, and served as speaker/contributor to as well as Bloomberg commentator.

After 40 years of vivid private life, Andrew felt the times calling. In 2010 Andrew ran as a Republican, then a CT Independent Party nominee for Connecticut State Treasurer. By unusual training and experience, Andrew is a “Conservative Who Listens.” Strong opinions expressed politely with follow-up action.

Andrew is well tested and has a real plan for America’s revival.  As he says, “It is an honor to be invited into Conservative Party USA leadership team.  I intend to justify the Party’s faith in me by growing the Party and realizing real POSTIVE change for all.  To realize a Renaissance of the Individual American, it’s time to Come Home America.”

H. M. Hervey
Chairman, CP-USA

Don’t be intimidated because. . .

It is a principle of our nature that the individual is sovereign. The everyday meaning of the word, sovereign is to be “independent of” any other person or entity. Volunteers in the Conservative movement will most often  encounter intimidation by the opposition. We know their responses, “I can’t believe you think that!” WHY NOT!

Below are listed 10 sovereign rights we each posses, for which we make no excuse. Attribution is unknown.

1. You have the right to judge your own behavior, thoughts, and emotions; but, to take the responsibility for their initiations and consequences upon yourself.

2. You have the right to offer no reasons or excuses for justifying your behavior.

3. You have the right to judge if you are responsible for finding solutions to other people’s problems.

4. You have the right to change your mind.

5. You have the right to make mistakes and be responsible for them.

6. You have the right to say, “I don’t know!”

7. You have the right to be independent of the goodwill of others before coping with them.

8. You have the right to be illogical in making decisions.

9. You have the right to say, “I don’t understand.”

10. You have the right to say, I don’t care!”

Conservative Party Endorses Ryan’s Budget & Medicare Reform

The Conservative Party officially endorses Representative Paul Ryan’s budget and voucher proposal since it’s the only thoughtful Plan we’ve seen that saves Medicare.  In reality, Ryan’s Plan should be implemented in two years if America wants to demonstrate it is serious about curbing our crippling National Debt.  Waiting 10 years just kicks the can down the road…again.

Despite all the calculated media disinformation, obvious Democrat demagoguery and typical Republican penchant for avoiding difficult decisions, it’s clear that Paul Ryan’s budget is the only game in town when it comes to saving Medicare.  Neither of the two major parties and none of America’s political “leaders” has exhibited the political courage to submit alternative plans.  President Obama is AWOL and focused on getting re-elected while Democrats are using “Mediscare” to regain Congressional control; they propose nothing yet attack everything.  GOP hopefuls, on the other hand, are hopeless in the face of early polls suggesting Americans will punish them in 2012 if they even hint at modifying this popular program.  The NY 26 House loss just exacerbates Republican fears of demonstrating leadership.  That means we’re left with Mr. Ryan’s Plan.

Sadly, the American public shoulders the genuine responsibility for this looming catastrophe. We stubbornly retain our “Party like it’s1999” entitlement mentality at the expense of this nation’s ability to sustain our future.  We’ll have nobody but ourselves to blame as Medicare (and related programs like Medicaid, Food Stamps & Welfare) dies a gruesome death when America’s super-sized debt explodes in our faces.  And that day is approaching sooner than anyone in the Republi-Dem Party dares acknowledge.  China and Goldman-Sachs will call the shots then and Ryan’s Plan will look munificent in comparison.

Although the House passed Ryan’s budget, too many Republicans have distanced themselves from it by issuing platitudes about it “being a good start.” No GOP presidential candidate has openly endorsed it and five Republican Senators just voted against it.  Of course Democrats, liberals and their media cheerleaders only care about gaining political power at the expense of everything, the viability of Medicare included.

Incumbents in both major parties care more about getting elected than properly managing the affairs of this nation.  Democrats want political power while Republicans want political cover.

That leaves only the Conservative Party standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Mr. Ryan in his courageous and principled attempt to save America.  Ryan is a true patriot who sought political office for the right reason; he is the exception to the norm.  Medicare/Medicaid is more than $370B in the red and still bleeding because it’s fiscally unsustainable.  Even raising the tax rate to 100% for all incomes above $250K will not rectify the problem.  America’s National Debt is north of $14T and climbing.

Despite these clear and present dangers, however, most of our hide-bound politicians cling to the misguided notion that retaining the status quo helps seniors avoid getting pushed off the cliff.  Mr. Ryan and CP-USA understand it won’t.  “Now is not the time to go wobbly”, Ryan said. “Democrats are going to run these attack ads regardless.  This is time for leaders to be leaders.”

The Conservative Party reserves the right to consider and support alternative plans when/if they are made public. Until such time, CP-USA endorses Paul Ryan’s budget and Medicare voucher plan.  It’s the only sincere and well-researched strategy in play today that saves Medicare in some fashion and helps mitigate the growth of our National Debt.

Daunting situations require innovative solutions.

The Conservative Party ( will rectify the consistent failures of the current two-party system. CP-USA is America’s True “Second Party” and represents the next step in the evolution of the Tea Party.

H. M. Hervey
Chairman, CP-USA