“Occupy Wall Street” Nothing like the Tea Party or Conservative Party

“Even a clock that’s stopped is exactly right twice a day.”  The Flea Party is exactly right when they properly blame certain rogue elements of Wall Street for the collapse of the Housing market.  The residual effects of those irresponsible actions are the root cause of our economic troubles today. 

                                                                                                   – H. M. Hervey, Chairman, CP-USA

The Conservative Party totally rejects the notion that the band of rabble rousers occupying Wall Street represents anything but a loose conglomeration of anti- Capitalist and anti-American trouble makers. They have no coherent message and want nothing better than to provoke police.

No one in the Tea Party or the Conservative Party was ever arrested at any rally.  No one in the Tea Party or the Conservative Party ever confronted police.  Or violated any laws.  Or defecated on police cars.  Or urinated in parks.  Or smoked pot.  Or had sex in public places.  No matter what the panting media try to tell you, these people more closely resemble a FLEA Party than the TEA Party.   You’ll be able to smell them long before you can see them.

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That same liberal media has been yearning…begging… and pleading …for an alternative to the Tea Party.  The media are very envious about how effective the Tea Party has been in shaping the political discourse in America.  The Tea Party has been successful precisely because they are the exact opposite to the Flea Party: The TP is PRO-American and PRO-capitalism. They have a CLEAR message to cut government spending and reduce our national debt and deficits.

Contrast that with the FLEA Party’s message or… better yet… LACK of message.  The media has been so supportive of the Flea Party that liberal reporters and TV commentators were actually sending the Flea Party emails to help them develop a message and explain how to get more airtime.

That doesn’t sound like anything the media did for the Tea Party.

The Flea Party demands the destruction of corporations, banks, rich people, white people, Jews, the police and the military.  They also want to erase all student and home loans; give everyone free tuition and free health care; free food and subsidized housing.  Of course they never explain who will pay for all these “free” things.

The Flea Party OPENLY supports violence against the government and corporations and says it would readily participate in civil disobedience if needed to press its agenda. In addition, segments of the Flea Party are actively supported by Communists, Marxists, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Iranian Ayatollahs.

But the Flea Party never seems to blame the world’s current troubles on Obama or the corrupt Republi-Dem Congress. That’s right, your heard it from me first: Republi-Dem Congress.  And that’s where the real problem lies.  While a recent Gallop Poll shows that 78% of Americans blame Wall Street, more than 87% actually blame Washington DC.  Good for them.

But we must give credit where credit is due.  As the old saying goes, “Even a clock that’s stopped.. is exactly right twice a day.” So what does that mean in this context?  Simply put, the Flea Party is exactly right when they properly blame certain rogue elements of Wall Street for the collapse of the Housing market.  The residual effects of those irresponsible actions are the root cause of our economic troubles today.

The “Banksters” at Goldman-Sachs, Deutche Bank, AIG, Bank of America and Lehman Brothers…to name just a few… actively solicited sub-prime mortgages they knew were going to fail and re-packaged those loans to hide that fact from credit rating agencies like Standard & Poors and Moodys.  Those agencies then gave those bad loans AAA credit ratings which allowed those banksters to create a string of exotic financial instruments like “Credit Default Swaps” and “Synthetic Credit Default Obligations”. Those tools allowed the banksters to hide the toxic nature of the loans from investors.  Of course we all know what happened next.

Bottom Line: The Wall Street banksters blew a $16 Trillion hole in the world economy; got bailed out with US taxpayer money; kept their jobs while the rest of America lost theirs; kept their bloated salaries and ill-gotten multi-million dollar bonuses while the rest of us can barely make ends meet; AND – to this day – none of those banksters have been indicted or jailed or fined or forced to return those bonuses.  Not one.  And both major parties—that Republi-Dem Party – is to blame for this national disgrace.

While the Conservative Party has VERY LITTLE in common with the Flea Party, we do support the idea of the DOJ filing indictments against current and past management of those financial institutions.  We are confident that true conservatives, Tea Party members and most of America would support such action.


H. M. Hervey
Chairman, CP-USA


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